Journal Club: Predominant responding regulatory T cells after human rotavirus infection or vaccination in pigs

by Martina Dolejšová
9.3.2016 at 3 p.m. in the Biomedical Center

CD4+CD25-FOxP3+ regulatory cells are the predominant responding regulatory T cells after human rotavirus infection or vaccination in gnotobiotic pigs Ke Wen et al. 2012

T regulatory cells play an irreplaceable role in mammalian immunity. Their ability to regulate the effector cells is important for the control of immune pathology but they may also have a harmful effect in case of certain infection diseases or tumors. Newborn gnotobiotic pigs seem to be an excellent model for research of T regulatory response to rotavirus infection. Furthermore, there is also discussed the role of poorly understood group of CD4+CD25-FoxP3+ T regulatory lymphocytes. Both investigated groups (CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ and CD4+CD25-FoxP3+) were measured by flow cytometry using an interesting combination of direct, indirect intracellular and extracellular staining. This method will be explained in more detail, along with the basics of flow cytometry. In addition, using this method in Laboratory of Cellular Regenerative Medicine will be explained.


Dear Colleagues, Everybody is invited to come and participate in this event.

Organizers: J. Kroc, l. Vistejnova and P. Klein

About JC:
The goals of Journal Club are manifold. Primarily, it serves as a forum where every member of our biomedical center can present the latest results from his field and specialization in a way that is accessible to her/his colleagues. The first language of JC’s is English. Additionally, it serves as a place to present results from own research and to train presentations. We would like to stimulate discussion across multiple scientific fields in order to reach wider and deeper insight of contemporary development of science. Researchers from outside of the center are welcomed to participate and/or to present their own topics. Please, do not hesitate to come or to contact us.

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