Results of development and experimental use of nanofibrous materials for healing support of intestinal anastomoses published in Biomedicines

Teams from the Laboratory of Cancer treatment and tissue regeneration of the Biomedical Center in Pilsen and from the Department of nonwovens and nanofibrous materials of the Technical University in Liberec cooperate on development of nanofibrous materials for healing support of intestinal anastomoses for several years.

The goal of the project is to come up with an ideal version of such material for prevention of postoperative anastomotic complications in colorectal surgery. Results of the last experiment are summarized in the article „Reinforcement of Colonic Anastomosis with Improved Ultrafine Nanofibrous Patch: Experiment on Pig“ by Rosendorf J., Klíčová M., Horáková J., Klápšťová A., Hošek P., Ševčík J., Polák R., Třeška V., Chvojka J., Liška V., published recently in Biomedicines (IF 4.717) . A newly developed version (perfected thanks to previous work) of nanofibrous patch used in the experiment is unique thanks to its exceptionally low specific weight and high porosity. These were intended to maintain the highest metabolic exchange possible between the tissues of the anastomosis and surrounding organs. The material was applied in a model of defective anastomosis on the large intestine of a pig, where it showed good mechanical properties during the application process, biocompatibility. Also, higher levels of collagen were found in the anastomosed tissues after the three weeks observation period. This result is an indirect sign of higher mechanical strength of intestinal anastomoses. Apart from these promising results, a new histological system for evaluation of healing of intestinal anastomoses was developed and used in the experiment. So called Intestinal Wall Integrity Score (IWIS) is a complex assessment protocol which can be applied in similar upcoming works in the future.

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