Chaperon Newsletter No. 01/2022

Dear Chaperon friends,

we have new information for you from the Chaperon project!

New article co-authored by our team members

Second primary cancers (SPCs) are clinically important as they may negatively influence patient survival or reveal important therapeutic side effects and general causes of cancer. Professor Hemminki and professor Liska from our team contributed to an epidemiological study focusing on liver, gallbladder and bile duct cancer in this context (click for details).

Picture of the month (new regular section of the newsletter)

We have a new year and we would like to introduce to you the winners and participants of the Nerd Art Prize 2021 in the form of a new section of the newsletter – the picture of the month. First month – first place. We’re thus introducing the winner – Vladimira Moulisova (Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen) with her picture of decellularized porcine liver scaffold with growing endothelial cells (click for details).




The Chaperon project and Technology Center CAS invite all our Ph.D. students to a seminar Grant opportunities for young researchers at FMP and News from the Department of Science and research. February 3rd 2022, 13:00 – 15:00. More information available here.


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